Big plans for 2022!


Safety Risk releases January 25th, 2022! We’re starting the year off with a super sexy grumpy former SEAL and his lazy dog.

Read the latest funny romantic suspense from USA TODAY Bestselling author Megan Matthews.

She’s on the run. He’s not expecting visitors. They’re both in for a surprise.

I moved to this small coastal Maine town for the promise of a quiet existence, but no one warned me about Pelican Bay. Life after the Navy SEALS involved owning rustic cabin rentals, a retired military dog as my primary companion, and kicking bad guy a** for Pelican Bay Security. I enjoyed being the town recluse until she caught my eye.

Heidi Montago is scared and in full flight mode, but not from an abusive ex or a hoard of children. Something much worse. I have the connections to clear her name and save her life, but first she has to trust me.

It’s a tricky situation made worse once the Bakery Girls enter the fold with their special brand of help. Everyone wants a piece of Heidi, but what they don’t realize is they can’t have her.

Heidi is mine, and not a single Bakery Girl, police officer, or barrage of bullets will stand in my way.

If you love romantic suspense with a dash of humor this is the series for you!

Order your copy today and receive a special extended epilogue on release day!


Comfort (Risk) will be releasing in April! This features the youngest Jefferson son, Riley and his second chance at love. It will be a part of the Risk series, but is releasing as book 4 in The ABCs of Love joint author world. This book will have a pre order on ALL retailers (April 18th) and then fall into Kindle Unlimited on April 21st. Once my commitment to the project is met the book will be rebranded and return to wide retailers.





Simply Business!

A new funny billionaire Pelican Bay love story from USA TODAY Bestselling author Megan Matthews.

Fingers crossed my grandmother’s old florist shop doesn’t crumble around me. Literally.

Lily Dianthus has a skyscraper next door threatening to topple her florist shop, rogue construction crews using her facilities, missing customers, and she’s almost out of money. That’s not even the worst of it, though.

Jerome Kensington. The man building the monstrosity next to her which threatens to ruin her livelihood? The hot billionaire CEO she’s supposed to hate?

Lily doesn’t hate him at all.

She’s balancing everything with no room for a mistake and life looks good. Until her loan falls through, Jerome’s construction threatens to destroy her florist shop, and a local legend comes to wreak havoc on her life.

If Lily doesn’t get it together, she might lose her career and dream man.

Simply Business is a story for readers looking for their next small-town adventure with a hot billionaire CEO you can fall in love with instantly.

Grab your copy now for the June release!


September 2022!

Three Days of Holiday!

Never Fall in love with the Enemy. Sounds easy. Or is it?

I have one chance to win Maine’s Annual Apple Cider Taste Off and claim the prestige that comes with being awarded the state’s best apple farm. I’ve spent a lifetime preparing and now I’m ready to sweep the competition.

There’s no time for the new mysterious hot guy who shows up at the competition with his adorable dog Bacon. His smile begs me to give him a shot, but I’m focused on beating Causebay Family Farms at this year’s Taste Off. What might happen if I take my eye off the prize for one night of drinks and desserts?

Winning this competition will put Oceanview Orchards on the map. I can’t lower my guard now. My family needs me to prove we’re the best apple orchard in Maine. No one can stand in my way.

The stakes are high and losing might cost me everything.



A murder. A hacker. A single chance at survival.

Hazel Webb is on the run. After her boss ends up dead, she needs me to solve her problems. There’s only one problem with her plan. Paying for the hacking services of Corbin Kensington doesn’t come cheap. Especially when I don’t trust the bold redhead.

I’m willing to let nature take its course until I see proof of Hazel’s claims. That is until she brings Chicago’s biggest mobster right to Pelican Bay.

The Grandmaster is the deadliest contender to wreak havoc on the small-town. He might be too much for even these guys to handle. If I can’t crack Hazel’s thumb drive, procure her protected documents, and keep her alive, the entire east coast might be in trouble.

If you enjoy small town, funny romantic suspense stories with fish-out-of-water heroines and aloof billionaires grab a copy of Dangerous Business today.

All pre-orders will receive an extended epilogue on release day!  



It’s like getting an entire book FREE!

December 2022!

One job interview changed my entire life.

I just accepted the job of a lifetime working for the Billionaire CEO of Valiant Industries. Too bad my new boss is an egotistical and demanding jerk of a boss. Vincent Valiant makes me want to strangle him daily.

If I can’t figure out how to work for Vincent without killing him, I’ll lose my chance at a permanent position with his company. My years of hard work wasted for nothing. Not only do I have to not kill him, but I also have to avoid falling in love with him once he shows me his softer side.

Vincent’s world isn’t all penthouses, stock portfolios, and fancy parties. He has secrets lurking in his closets. Big, expensive secrets that no one prepared me to handle.

Once I learn the truth of his empire, will I stay or make a run for it?

Looking for your next jerky alpha read? A hero where you aren’t sure if you’ll love him until he wins your heart?

Read all three books in the completed Valiant Trilogy for one low price today!


Big plans for 2023!

Wow, there are so many books on the way. We even have a schedule (and some pre order links for 2023!)


February 2023!

Mobsters raise the stakes in this action-packed new story from USA TODAY Bestselling author Megan Matthews.

Sometimes being the identical twin to a notorious hacker is the pits. Especially when it gets me kidnapped. The bad guys don’t know they have the wrong brother, and I can’t let them discover the truth before my big rescue. I’ll be pissed if a case of mistaken identity gets me killed.

It’s a waiting game until a fiery, stunning woman shares my cage. Imogen #something didn’t ask to play this dangerous game, but now she only has me to save her. The spark in her eyes gives me a million silent promises and I can’t let a bullet snuff out our future. It’s time to stop waiting and become the rescuer.

Together we must navigate our way to safety and return to Pelican Bay if we want to live.

This romantic suspense novel will take you on a whirlwind adventure as two characters fall in love and find their beginning in Pelican Bay.



MAY 23rd, 2023

Who the hell gave Frankie Zanetti a bazooka?

I’ve made mistakes in the past. Many of them. By far, the worst one has to be climbing into the back of a vehicle with Maine’s number one mobster. Who gets herself kidnapped twice in one evening? Either way you spin it, I’m dead. At least this way, I’ll go down, staring at the hottest Italian boss to walk the earth rather than the dirty back alley where he found me.

Pelican Bay is a charming town, but I belong in Chicago. If Frankie doesn’t let me return and confess my sins, the Grandmaster will blow up the entire coast to get me home.

When two mobsters go to war, everything I love may end up in a cloud of bullets and blood.

Want your leading man hard on the outside, but with a heart of gold who will do anything for his girl? Garb a copy of Criminal Business and let Frankie Zanetti carry you away.


September 2023!



Procrastination might kill me. Or help me find the love of my life.

Out of pure insanity, I saved Oceanview Orchards as one of my last farm inspections. Now the days are running low before the new year, and I haven’t finished my reports. The family-owned farm is always a problem, and this time, I might not survive what they throw at me.

A broken fence, power outage, and a snowstorm leave me stranded with only the youngest Halliday son as my entertainment guide. It turns out that Hale is not like his brothers. It’s hard to dislike him when his true colors shine, but if I’m not careful, I might enjoy being stuck with him too much.

If I don’t stop procrastinating, I won’t have a job in the new year. I’m not at the orchard to fall in love and definitely not with Hale. One incredibly hot Halliday brother and the farm of horrors won’t stand in my way.

Take a vacation to Oceanview Orchards this holiday season and discover how the last Halliday brother meets his match.