A brand-new drama filled, enemies-to-lovers, age-gap, alpha hero, office romance from USA TODAY Bestselling author Megan Matthews.

During her interview at Valiant Industries, Mackenzie Marshal finds herself drawn in by the sexy young CEO even after her embarrassing introduction to the company. When she’s offered a temporary job as his assistant rather than the marketing position she applied for, will she accept to gain experience at the state’s most resounding firm?

Despite his knowledgeable eyes and handsome face, Vincent is a demanding boss. Vincent’s brilliant business mind and callous behavior leave Mackenzie confused when she finds herself falling for her jerk of a boss. She quickly realizes she’ll risk everything for Valiant, from her career to her family, but will the risk be worth it.

Makenzie isn’t the only one intrigued. As the billionaire CEO gets to know his temporary assistant, he soon discovers he wants her more than just behind his desk, but on top of it, too. Vincent Valiant pulls Makenzie headfirst into his world, past his healthy stock portfolio, penthouse home, and growing business. He shows her passion and promises to give her the world.

But Vincent has a secret and when Mackenzie learns the truth will she stay or make a run for it?

His Ambush is the first book in a new enemies to lovers office romance. The trilogy will rapid release over the next three months. Mind the cliff.



The emotional follow-up to His Ambush from USA TODAY Bestselling author Megan Matthews.

Secrets have been revealed, and hearts have been broken. Mackenzie learned the truth about Vincent’s past, and now she has questions. Big ones. She expects answers, and her billionaire boss can’t use his money or power to escape.

She’s not the only woman who wants a piece of Vincent, and if she fights for him it will bring her back into the lions’ den. Now Vincent must decide if he’s ready to tell her everything in order to win back her love and affection. That’s if Mackenzie even wants him after his betrayal.

He knows what he wants – her in his bed – but with Mackenzie in the picture, keeping his business and personal lives separate is a bigger struggle than ever. His enemies know about her, and they’re out for blood. When stories run rampant, it’s up to Mackenzie to decide who she believes and her choices will come with a cost.

Can Vincent win back his feisty assistant’s love, keep her in his bed, and continue to work with her each day, or will he lose it all?



The emotional conclusion to The Valiant Trilogy from USA TODAY Bestselling author Megan Matthews.

Can Vincent and Mackenzie’s relationship survive the devastation of truth and consequences?

A storm of passion swept future-driven Mackenzie when she met the young CEO and billionaire, Vincent Valiant. A storm which altered the trajectory of both their lives. She’s finally ready to fight for him and their future. Vincent doesn’t want her to escape his gras, but he hasn’t learned the complete story.

This time it’s Mackenzie keeping a secret.

A big one.

Winning Vincent’s heart was a cake-walk compared to what they face next. He’s kept his life private for years, but now the entire world will learn the truth of this past. How will Mackenzie handle the spotlight?

The foundation they built felt solid for the future, but now the house is shaking. It’s anyone’s guess who will be left standing once the dust settles.