Second Shooter – Excerpt 2

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“Katy?” I whispered, giving NB a tug to get him walking. The word scratched across my throat as I said it.

She stepped away from the tree, letting her hand fall to her side. In it she held a thick manilla envelope. “Shhh, use the code names.”

I sniffled and held back a cough. “Is that you, Eagle?” I asked, even though I’d already figured out it was Katy.

She moved her arms with the envelope across her chest. “It’s me. Did anyone follow you, Little Pup?”

I bristled at the name. “Why am I Little Pup?”

Katy shrugged. “I like NB.”

I liked my dog too, but that didn’t mean I wanted my code name to be based on him. It didn’t matter anyway because anyone who drove by us as we talked could figure out who we were, even with the fog. The names were a Katy thing. She said it added to the adventure.

I just wanted to solve a murder.

“What do you have for me?” I asked rather than argue over my misguided code name. Experience taught me it wouldn’t do any good.

Katy leaned up against the tree and popped up the collar of her coat. “I promised Pierce I’d say out of this murder business.”

“And you plan to keep that promise?” It didn’t sound like Katy.

She shrugged, and the move crinkled the folder. “I guess.”

“If you’re staying clear of the shooting, why this meeting?”

She flopped the manila envelope between her hands. “Look, I’m trying to okay. It’s a process. I can’t go cold turkey my first time.”

Grab your copy of Second Shooter now!