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A humorous romantic suspense from USA TODAY Bestselling Author Megan Matthews!

The past is never far behind you.

I didn’t expect to find my new next-door neighbor breaking into her aunt’s home.

Or the random henchmen harassing her about a pile of missing diamonds.

Tabitha Thompson is on the run from an abusive ex-boyfriend, and I desperately want to help. As a former Navy SEAL, I have the skills to deal with any idiot dishing out black eyes. My desire to protect her goes way beyond casual. But Tabitha pulls back when I show her I’m interested. Is it my back luck with women, or will she distrust all men forever?

When Tabitha’s lies, drama, and ex-boyfriend catch up with her and things turn violent, I’ll fight to keep us both alive.

If you love military heroes, then grab a copy of Security Risk and snuggle up with this small-town romantic suspense comedy.




Pelican Bay will never be the same in this funny, small-town, suspense standalone from USA TODAY Bestselling Author Megan Matthews!

Secrets never stay hidden.

It’s time to make my move.

Anessa quickly became the cute bakery owner everyone loves when she moves to town. They only see her double fudge cookies. Me, though? I’ve noticed the woman behind the apron. But we can’t be together. My life is too risky for the sweet baker, and my secrets run too deep.

Her smile makes it hard to stay away, especially when trouble lands in her kitchen. I’ll put everything at risk when Anessa finds herself with a stolen mountain of dough and criminals competing to make it theirs. It will take all my years of military training as a Navy SEAL to keep Anessa safe once the mob comes to collect.

Future Risk is the perfect story for fans of friends-to-lovers books. Grab a copy and revisit your favorite characters in Pelican Bay.



Spencer Jamison may not lace up his boots as a Navy SEAL any longer, but that doesn’t stop him from being the hottest service man I’ve ever laid eyes on. And don’t get me started on his adorable dog.

Dating Spencer is great… until the dead body turns up.





One look at the tiny town of Pelican Bay and I fell in love. Managing the historical bed-and-breakfast isn’t my dream job, but it’s a start.

But life isn’t always quiet on the east coast. Our newest guest could grace the cover of GQ and soon my frozen winter nights are heating up behind closed doors.

The man fast working his way into my heart is mysterious as he is hot. My best friend claims he’s a spy, but I don’t believe her crazy theories until we uncover the secrets hidden in his room.

When I stumble across something I shouldn’t will anyone be there to save me?



Happy 30th birthday to me…or not.

Stranded at The Last Chance Motel with a stranger and his bag of guns is not what I pictured for my Vegas birthday getaway.

Lukis sees right through me. He’s pleasant to look at, but he has a past. A dark one considering he’s here to spy on one of the other motel guests. I only needed a place to spend a night or two, but I’ve fallen into something more.

When the bad guys come to call, which side will I end up on?

Note: Quickest Risk was originally published as The Last Resort Motel: Room 29. Some names and locations have been changed in this republishing, but the overall story has stayed the same.




Winnie is having a rough month. Not only did she dump a boyfriend, but the hottest cowboy she’s ever seen almost hit her with his truck. If that wasn’t enough soon she’ll find herself on the wrong side of a kidnapping before her vacation ends.

Can the hot cowboy rescue her before she ends up in a body bag?

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He saved her once, but will he do it again?

Huxley Weiss, Hawaiian pineapple farmer and former military hottie, already saved my life once. When I left him at the airport months ago I only dreamed I’d see him again. The memories of us together are hot, but they’re nothing compared to what will happen when he comes to my rescue a second time.

With my ex on the loose and every bad guy from Vegas breaking down my door I’ll need Huxley to keep me safe and the bakery girls to keep me sane.

Will my cowboy hat wearing hunk take the biggest risk and save me or is our time together already finished?



Can the former SEAL sweep this single mother off her feet? A new Pelican Bay story from USA TODAY Bestselling Author Megan Matthews.

Most guys buy a girl flowers to show their affection. Nate Bellamy hit me with his truck.

As a single mom I’m barely holding it together, but he ran over normal and turned my life upside down. Spurred by guilt and maybe something more, he’s here to keep me from falling, but I’m not sure I want his brand of help. Pelican Bay’s hottest former SEAL won’t leave me alone. How much will it take before I push him away for good and when it happens will it be the biggest mistake of my life?

Throw in an ex-husband, his desperate new lover, a car packed full of my new friends and a storage unit of drugs for added excitement. One thing is for sure, the next few months will be a wild ride.

My savior must make a decision of a lifetime. Will he trade in his old life for us or decide I’m not worth the dents to his bumper?



From USA TODAY bestselling author Megan Matthews comes a romance with a protective SEAL and the new girl in town.

Can Crispin carry Stella’s baggage and earn her heart, or will they both end up swimming with the fishes?

I took a chance on this small coastal town when my service as a Navy SEAL ended. Stopping the local drug trade is an adventure, but the true fun doesn’t start until I meet the hottie across the street. She’s far removed from the crime problem, and I plan to keep it that way.

After finding her fiancé in bed with her best friend, Stella needs a quiet escape to figure out her next move. No one warned her she won’t find it in Pelican Bay. She isn’t planning to put down roots, but I won’t make leaving easy.

Throw in the notorious bakery girls and sparks will fly, too bad they’re from gun fire. As lives converge, unknown enemies come in from sea, and nobody is safe anymore.



From USA TODAY Bestselling author Megan Matthews comes a new small town, military romance, with an unshakable former SEAL and a woman with one heck of a secret identity.

When Elliot Smith learns the truth will he stick around to save the day or let Harley ride into the sunset?

I’ve lived in Maine my whole life. Taking the job with Pelican Bay Security was a no brainer, so was going home with Harley Howard. I’ve warmed her sheets for four months and being with Harley is easy. She doesn’t ask questions. I don’t find out why until it’s too late.

Harley wants to escape her past, but it only lives two blocks away. When she witnesses Pelican Bay’s latest shooting and the stakes get real, it’s not me she runs to, but the enemy.

Can two different sides of Pelican Bay work together to end this crime streak for good? Secrets can’t stay hidden forever, but their exposure will send shock waves through the community.



Read the latest funny romantic suspense from USA TODAY Bestselling author Megan Matthews.

She’s on the run. He’s not expecting visitors. They’re both in for a surprise.

I moved to this small coastal Maine town for the promise of a quiet existence, but no one warned me about Pelican Bay. Life after the Navy SEALS involved owning rustic cabin rentals, a retired military dog as my primary companion, and kicking bad guy a** for Pelican Bay Security. I enjoyed being the town recluse until she caught my eye.

Heidi Montago is scared and in full flight mode, but not from an abusive ex or a hoard of children. Something much worse. I have the connections to clear her name and save her life, but first she has to trust me.

It’s a tricky situation made worse once the Bakery Girls enter the fold with their special brand of help. Everyone wants a piece of Heidi, but what they don’t realize is they can’t have her.

Heidi is mine, and not a single Bakery Girl, police officer, or barrage of bullets will stand in my way.

If you love romantic suspense with a dash of humor this is the series for you!

Order your copy today and receive a special extended epilogue on release day!



Read a new funny, second-chance, romantic suspense set in Pelican Bay from USA TODAY Best-selling author Megan Matthews.

Could a chance run in with exboyfriend Riley Jefferson lead to my death?

Cassandra left in the middle of the night ten years ago without a single goodbye. Now she’s back, leaving me with the chance to solve the mystery of why she disappeared. My high school sweetheart didn’t come alone and has no idea what trouble she’s about to unleash in our quiet town.

I’m not the same man she once loved. Working with a group of former Navy SEALs has shown me the horrors of the world. They’ve also taught me well. When her choices catch up to her, I’ll need every one of my new skills to win Cassandra’s heart and keep her alive.

If you love second chance love stories with humor, action, and a bossy hero, this story is for you.