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A relaxed Pelican Bay holiday romance from USA TODAY Bestselling author Megan Matthews.


Taking over the family farm couldn’t have happened soon enough. The place is crumbling around us. There’s no time to focus on anything but rehabbing Oceanview Orchards. We’re not ready for visitors yet, but I can’t turn away the money when Pearl asks for her great niece to become our first guest.

Ember recognizes the farm’s potential and I delight in watching her love the place. Unfortunately, we’re not the only ones who see the possibilities in the family farm, and one man will go to great lengths to make the place his own.


I suggested the holiday trip to Pelican Bay, but it’s aunt Pearl who demanded I stay at Oceanview Orchards. The struggling cider mill captures my heart along with the dedicated owner and his Alaskan Malamute puppy.

Holston has big plans for the small farm in Maine, and I want to be along for the ride. He believes I’m only a guest, but I hold a secret to saving his farm. If only I can get him to listen.

Instead of guns and explosions, enjoy this short Pelican Bay Christmas tale of garland and a cute puppy for the holidays




Come back to the orchard for a second-chance Pelican Bay holiday romance from USA TODAY Bestselling author Megan Matthews.


No matter how hard I tried to forget the eldest Halliday son, memories of us together were never far. I do my best to avoid Oceanview Orchards in fear of running into Haden, but I can’t say no when my nephew begs me for a trip.

What should have been a quick visit to meet Santa turns my life upside down when Haden and I meet again. He’s just as handsome as he was in high school, but he won’t stick around. Falling for Haden would be a disaster. He promises this time is different, but I can’t trust him not to break my heart again, especially after I learn about his other lies.


My brother turned Oceanview Orchards into a thriving business. Now that he’s on his way to living his dream, it’s time to start mine. If only I could decide what I want out of life. After the holidays with my family it’s off to help with the cattle on a ranch out west. At least that’s the plan until Molly falls back into my life.

The girl I let get away after high school, she’s just as spectacular as the last time I saw her. Unfortunately, trying to spend time with her leads me down a roadway of lies, and before long, I’ve put the entire farm in jeopardy of being closed right before the biggest holiday of the year.

Can I fix my mistakes and show Molly I’m a man worthy of her love?

My dishonesty could cost me everything, but losing Molly again isn’t an option.

Instead of guns and explosions, enjoy this short Pelican Bay Christmas tale with snow, puppies, and second chance love for the holidays.



Never Fall in love with the Enemy. Sounds easy. Or is it?

I have one chance to win Maine’s Annual Apple Cider Taste Off and claim the prestige that comes with being awarded the state’s best apple farm. I’ve spent a lifetime preparing and now I’m ready to sweep the competition.

There’s no time for the new mysterious hot guy who shows up at the competition with his adorable dog Bacon. His smile begs me to give him a shot, but I’m focused on beating Causebay Family Farms at this year’s Taste Off. What might happen if I take my eye off the prize for one night of drinks and desserts?

Winning this competition will put Oceanview Orchards on the map. I can’t lower my guard now. My family needs me to prove we’re the best apple orchard in Maine. No one can stand in my way.

The stakes are high and losing might cost me everything.



Procrastination might kill me. Or help me find the love of my life.

Out of pure insanity, I saved Oceanview Orchards as one of my last farm inspections. Now the days are running low before the new year, and I haven’t finished my reports. The family-owned farm is always a problem, and this time, I might not survive what they throw at me.

A broken fence, power outage, and a snowstorm leave me stranded with only the youngest Halliday son as my entertainment guide. It turns out that Hale is not like his brothers. It’s hard to dislike him when his true colors shine, but if I’m not careful, I might enjoy being stuck with him too much.

If I don’t stop procrastinating, I won’t have a job in the new year. I’m not at the orchard to fall in love and definitely not with Hale. One incredibly hot Halliday brother and the farm of horrors won’t stand in my way.

Take a vacation to Oceanview Orchards this holiday season and discover how the last Halliday brother meets his match.



He’s been the love of my life and my best friend since fifth grade, but all of that is about to change.

The holidays are big at Oceanview Orchards. It’s all hands-on deck to help. This year, after the festivities, I hop a plane to visit friends for one last big hurrah before we all go our separate ways.

Nothing goes as planned and a snap decision leads me to the other side of the country. One heartfelt confession later and my entire life will change. Either I come home with the love of my life or leave everything I’ve ever wanted behind.

Am I willing to sacrifice it all for a future I can’t guarantee?