Grind – The Boys of RDA #3


right-facing-transparentMarissa Melrose is in for the battle of a lifetime.

Rule #9: No sex with the landlord.

Subleasing my best friend’s Bay Area apartment came at the perfect time – an easy way to escape memories of a broken engagement and start fresh. She promised the list of outrageous rules I agreed to were nothing to worry about.

Then the elusive landlord appeared next door and everything changed. Hotter than hell soccer superstar, Ryland Bates. He turns me on with his muscles and take charge attitude. Too bad every time he opens his mouth I want to shove the list of rules down his throat.

Aspen ran off with her prince charming and left me to slay the dragon.

What am I supposed to do when he starts breathing fire and sets me ablaze?

It’s time to break a few rules.

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